Are you ready for the holidays? Nuh uh Wait--

If you're like me, lots of my holiday gift-giving is crafting projects. Hand-made is always sweeter and more appreciated than the average store bought item that no one really needs anyway.

At least, that applies for most of us above the age of 12--or maybe 16.

With this in mind, most of my pieced quilts or hand crocheted afghans are started in June or July. I know, I hate that pile of wool sitting on my lap during sweltering summer months, too.

I love crocheting or knitting during the winter, when there's a crisp chill in the air. But-- if I waited till then to start crocheting or knitting, no one would receive a Holiday gift at all. At least, not a hand made one.

With this in mind, I thought I'd remind everyone that I have lots and lots of quilt squares, fat quarters and fabric by the yard, (including some pretty holiday prints) plus a few skeins of yarn left in my ecrater store; Sewingsupplies-plus.

Plus, I have to tell you about this fantastic Sewing Machine-- finally reduced at Amazon right now!

SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine

Reduced $140.00 (52%) 

I just can't say enough about this machine. It's the nearest to an industrial machine that you'll find for the home seamstress. It sews faster, smoother and is super reliable. I've been sewing for more than 50 years and this one has been my favorite machine--hands down!

Most of my sewing for Ebay and Ecrater is straight stitching, nothing fancy, so I'm looking for speed. Keeping a schedule for my buyers means having a machine that's fast and reliable. I have no time for a sensitive, fickle sewing machine. You know what I mean? This machine suited me just fine.

I had my earlier version of this machine for many years and was so satisfied that when I finally wore it out--I searched and searched for another just like it. 
Nope, at that time they were out of stock and no longer manufacturing this version of Singers Heavy Duty Machine.

I can't say how thrilled I was to learn that this machine is once again available. My current Singer is sewing fine, but I can tell you--I will purchase this one and save my current machine for a spare. This is my all-time favorite machine!

If you have a favorite Sewing Machine - Let us know! - I'd love to hear what's important to you when it comes time to sit down and sew--



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