Patterns for Spring and Summer Sewing--

Flirty Skirts and More

It's almost time for that break from School. A time for play and fun with more casual attire.

I have lots of Spring and Summer Patterns from Toddler to Teenager: Shorts, Jumpers, Blouses, Tank-tops and T-Shirts.

I have several patterns that include the "hard to find" Fun Skort Pattern for the girls: very young to teenager.


This pattern is a sweetie! It includes Aprons and Oven mitts. It's so sweet and I can think of so many things to do with this one though I don't have it for sale, myself.

I use to have a similar pattern but no longer have it.

  • If you're an Ebay or Etsy Seller, this pattern is ideal for a sweet set to make and sell online. 
  • If you have a dear friend with a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding. With some great fabric, this pattern could create a super gift!
  • Know a newlywed or upcoming shower for one--Use this pattern for some cotton gingham in soft pastel shades of pink
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