Ralph Lauren's New Collection a Favorite : Poet's Society Rug

This is a stunning new collection from Ralph Lauren. I was fortunate enough to get quite a bit of this fabric and it's been fun crafting pillow shams in many sizes.
I try to make them the same size as easily-found pillow inserts, and if I have a particularly odd size or shape--I make my own inserts.

Poet's Society Red Boudoir Sham

This one is a little wider than the standard 
12" x 16" Boudoir sham, but I cut it back so it would be easier to find Pillow inserts.

Recently, I had a couple very large pieces of fabric with an edged border. They were 17" x 24" and they could not be cut-down due to the pretty border edge. So I made my own pillow inserts and created some gorgeous Pillows instead.

The price for pillows is significantly higher than pillow shams. 

Poet's Society Boudoir Fancy

This Boudoir sham was cut from within the pattern, so it's a mixture of the outside border and the starburst from within the pattern.
Still, it presents a pleasing mixture of the fabrics, colors and pattern from the Poet Society Collection.

Poet's Society Blue Staarburst

This one is the Starburst, this piece of fabric is the most common for smaller shams; the square and the boudoirs.
This shams is the 12" x 16" Boudoir but I also have the same pattern available in 14", 16" and 20" square shams.

I also have King, Standard and Euro Shams available from this stunning fabric from Ralph Lauren Home.


Pillow inserts are available in lots of sizes and stuffed with polyester fiberfill or Feather Down. They can be purchased at most fabric stores and Walmart in the fabric Department.
If you're a seamstress and you'd like to make pillows or shams available  "for sale" on your website, or online shopping site, you can also purchase pillow inserts at Amazon.
With super saver shipping, they ship for free! And I love having them delivered to my door rather than wrangling a bunch of pillows into the trunk of my car.
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