Wow! Ralph Lauren's new Collections are Gorgeous


I know, it looks like Aragon. But this is Aragon on steroids!

VENETIAN COURT is a stunning new collection with the Leopard Spots of Aragon in an outstanding 400 Thread Count Sateen.

The co-ordinates are every bit as gorgeous as the Medieval Guinevere was to "retired" Aragon as well.

Co-ordinates for the VENETIAN COURT COLLECTION are VENETIAN COURT PRINTED TAPESTRY, another pattern that has that Medieval "feel" just as Guinevere did when it was an all-time favorite from THE MEDIEVAL COLLECTION.

VENETIAN COURT is well on it's way to becoming another all-time favorite.

The luxury of 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen, the stunning designs of Ralph Lauren. 

Check my listings for different sizes of this new collection.

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A few Best Sellers available at Amazon Now!

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