Spring Cleaning - Home Decor - Patterns and Tableclothes

It's getting closer to that time of year! Spring Cleaning, sprucing things up around the house--

For me that usually means laundering window curtains or making new ones. I'm in the Desert Southwest, and a year of hot desert sun on 100% Cotton can leave the fabric limp and ready to shred. So I'm most often sewing new curtains for the kitchen, bathroom, and other smaller windows.

If you have the same problem with 100% cotton curtains, or you're ready for a "new look" or change of decor--this is a great pattern.

Simplicity Pattern #7183 -- Simplicity #7183 at Ebay or Simplicity #7183 at Ecrater

This is the sweetest pattern and it's a little surprising to see all the things you can make from this single pattern. With this single pattern you can make: Tissue box covers, Sink Skirt, Hamper cover, Wastebasket cover, Vase Cover, Lotion Cover, Toilet Seat and Tank cover, Toilet Paper cover, Brush cover,  Shower curtain double-swag ensemble.

I have to tell you, this pattern gave me the idea to create covers for my lamp shades also. The pattern isn't enclosed for the lamp shade, but it did give me the idea and it's very simple.

Lamp Shade cover: One long piece of fabric (twice the length around the lamp shade and the same width as your lampshade height + 2 inches on each side.) Then I sewed the two narrow ends together and hemmed each long edge, leaving the hem wide enough to thread a narrow piece of elastic through. Actually, you have a tube with elastic in both ends, it stretches over the lamp shade and ruffles to fit.

While you're updating, spring is also a good time to change-out fabric table-clothes and other 100% cotton items that need sprucing up and laundering. I have some really pretty ones listed from Ralph Lauren. If you're a shabby chic, cabbage rose gal--you'll love these table clothes.



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