Is it time for Holiday Gifts? If you're making them...Yes it is!

I don't know about you, but if any of my holiday gifts are hand made, I have to start thinking about them now.

I can't count the times I've begun a crocheted afghan for friends or family in January. And was fortunate to finish it by December. It never fails, no matter how early I start-- there will always be interruptions.


This is a sweet book with lots of holiday gift ideas.
It contains 55 Gift Patterns to Crochet for the Home!

I could take a bite out of that yummy cake on the front of the book. Too sweet!


.{For More Information on this book--}


This book may be the exception -- As you can see by the Title, it says: "Sew it Tonight, Give it Tomorrow"
I wish all Holiday gifts were that easy to make. These might be nice items for new or casual acquaintances who don't require a more specific gift. For {More Information}
A Few other gift-giving Books are:

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