One of my favorite tools-- The Handy Scissors Sharpener

They  don't make scissors like they use to. I mean, they are lighter-weight and prettier colors, but they don't wear like those old "heavy as lead" scissors that we used years ago. I'm giving my age away now.  But talk about heavy scissors~~ You could hardly lift the Pinking Shears. The down-side is~~ with the light-weight, pretty-colored scissors, we  lose the long-lasting sharp edge that we use to have on the heavy gauge scissors. So this Scissors Sharpener is one of my favorite tools. It's light-weight and takes about 5 minutes to have your scissors sharpened and ready to go again. My sharpener has a permanent home on my work table. Stop the nuisance of dull scissors for pennies :) I've been using the same one for several years now, so if they wear out at all...I don't know how long it would be.
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