Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch

I was checking for some new cross stitch patterns to offer and I came across this older book. But, Oh my, some nice patterns and lots of them.

This golden encyclopedia of needlework complements the library of every cross-stitcher. Featuring 2001 designs for every occasion and category of stitching¿holidays, alphabets, florals, nature, sports, children, babies, Christmas, animals, and numerous others—each motif collection is accompanied by a clear and accurate color chart and color key. Plus, the book boasts a convenient wire-o format, making it easy for cross-stitchers to follow along. 

I'm delighted that Amazon still has some of this great book available! I noticed that it has alphabet letters for cross stitch and that reminded me to share a story with you. One year my sister-in-law sent me a sweet gift of a crocheted doilie. It wasn't a large one but she was very excited, so I assumed it had some family connotation. And it certainly did! She had crocheted Our family name into that doilie. I could hardly believe it, I've never seen anything quite like it. My mother and grandmother were both avid crocheters and I've seen every style and assortment of doilie but this one is so unusual and outstanding. 
Approx: 10" x 6,"  I have it framed on the wall. It's an instant conversation piece for any first-time visitors.

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