Spring Gardens and Chocolate Gravy

Do you have your garden ready for planting yet?

It may be too early in most areas, I'm not sure. We're in the Desert Southwest, so spring comes earlier for us. I remember what a bounty we had last year, so I'm anxious. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes and deep fried squash.

Although we're in the desert now, I was born in Oklahoma and hubby is a Texan. He still gets teased for his deep Texas brogue though we've lived in the desert for 30 years. Can't take Texas out of this man, I think.

That reminds me of something else. I would love to hear from any of you Oklahoma gals. My mom was born and raised in Oklahoma and was touted as the best cook in the entire family. When my brothers and I were little, she would fix Chocolate Gravy for a special breakfast treat. We would dance around her every weekend, begging for chocolate gravy. I did the same for my kids when they were little. The problem is, you tell a stranger about this weekly ritual and they look mortified. Chocolate Gravy? they curl their nose.

My hubby, being from Texas, has no such memories of eating chocolate gravy and thinks it must be atrocious. Actually, it's quite delicious. But not a Texas tradition, I guess. I've wondered for years where this delightful dish originated; An Oklahoma tradition, or a distant custom from some other time. I wish I had asked my mom before she passed away. If you ate chocolate gravy as a child, let me know. Maybe we can solve this mystery.

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