Some great craft magazines

I was browsing magazines this morning, looking for another subscription to add to my Redbook and I sure found some goodies. I hadn't thought about Crafting magazines.

I've purchased a few in the store, but didn't realize the actual subscriptions were so low.

<-- This one looks really good and I think I'll try it. Can't beat that price.

I must admit, I like this kind. I enjoy making all the small unusual items that you don't find in the store. Plus, they make great gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

Years ago one of my sister-in-laws had the neatest craft book. Actually, she had purchased it for her Troop of Brownies. But I was constantly taking notes from that book. Such whimsical things to make. Just loved it. My own children made quite a few things from that book.

Next time I talk to her, I'll have to see if she remembers that book too. :)

This book might be more like what I'm remembering. Lots of things to do with your children. Since summer vacation is only a few months away, any Moms with younger children might be interested in that. Of all my grandchildren, I have one "artsy crafty," granddaughter, I tease her. She surely took after "nana."

Enjoy browsing :)

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