Women Plus Patterns

You know, I've noticed more and more in the last few years how comfortable I am in XL t-shirts during the day and Pajamas by 8:30 p.m. It must be a baby-boomer thing. But, suddenly, comfort has become very important to me.

I started this post to let anyone searching my "Women Plus patterns," know to add the keyword "loose" in their search title. I recently listed quite a few Plus Long dress patterns that have no waist or darts. The only keyword that seems to fit is "loose dress." So if you add "loose" to your search, that should pull them up.

Thinking of those comfy dresses reminded me of my own predicament. I've become much too comfortable in my own home. Excuse me for including it here, but I really like those "loose" dresses lately. Come to think of it, hubby's last pair of trousers had an elastic waist band and stayed up entirely on their own...no belt required. My goodness. It must be a male baby-boomer thing too.

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