Stunning Crochet Peacock Afghan

Stunning Crochet Peacock Afghan

Peacock Afghan

As most of you know, I create decorative hand towels on Ebay, Etsy, and Ecrater. Most days customers keep me busy cutting and sewing fabric.

During the summer months it slows down a little and then I have time for other things. (Like my favorite hobby: Crochet)

I love to crochet. I especially love to crochet in the winter when it's cold and the heavy yarn of an afghan in progress is warm on my legs. Problem is-- Winter is my absolute busiest season of the year for decorated  towels.

In the winter Folks are busy with holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas-- and searching for my decorated towels as gifts for a friend or relative.

So unfortunately, I don't start looking for pretty yarn and new patterns to crochet till early spring. Like now.

Then I love searching for easy crochet afghan patterns. While my customers are busy with kids finishing up school and anxious for their summer vacation, I'm gathering yarn and patterns for a respite for myself.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate business and can't wait for the fall season to arrive. But I love spring and summer too because I love to crochet. I love searching for free crochet patterns for afghans that I haven't seen or crocheted before. And there are many. Good for the soul, I think. 

While I was searching for new afghan patterns on Pinterest I came across the prettiest afghan I've seen in a long time. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be my next project-- to make and to share with you.

If you crochet, I think you will love this pattern too. You can see it on Annie's Book above. This pattern is sort of like a  Granny Square but it is round. So I've named them Granny Rounds.  If you create your "rounds" in these colors, it will look like a Peacock when sewn together.

Heart Shaped Necklaces for Valentine's Day and a fluffy Heart Pillow

Make Your Own Fluffy Heart Pillow

Valentine's Day means Red Roses, Satin Pillows and Heart Shaped Necklaces.

The 14th of February is a time to show appreciation for a favorite teacher, loving wife, husband, children or other family members or special friends.

And what better way to show your love with a Sweet Fluffy Pillow that you make yourself!

The FUN part is-- you don't need a sewing machine. This pillow is crafted with felt, glue gun and a needle with thread. I bet you already have every item in that list.

It's always a challenge to create cute, funny, and sweet Valentines. 

This is a Pillow you will keep forever! and anyone gifted with this sweet pillow will be delighted!


Mom, Swedish Tea Ring and the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Cake Decorating for the Holidays

Since my Mom was a cook/dietitian of many years, the Red Betty Crocker Cookbook was the bible around our house. When Holidays came within a week or two, Mom was dragging her fanciest pans from the bottom cabinet.

My favorite food during the holidays was Cake. Yep, uh huh, that pretty much just gave-away my entire personality. I was never over-weight as a child, but those pounds crept up on me many years later as middle-age and COPD came callin. But I could sure eat some cake! Then...and now.

photo via:
Actually, Mom could make every dessert found in that Betty Crocker cookbook. If it was in that book Mom had made it and I had ate it.

I don't know about all the dinner meals or fruit and vegetable side dishes, but I ate every sweet recipe in that book at some time or other.

Mom loved the Swedish Tea ring. Like me, she loved making it and she loved eating it. Since I don't have a photo of Mom's Swedish Tea Ring, this one is the most similar to Mom's. If you look in that Red Betty Crocker Cookbook, you'll see that I'm right.

If I recall correctly, Mom garnished the top with chopped pecans. I can almost taste it now. ***

Christmas Gifts Now and Then

Gift Giving Now...and Then

Have a great Holiday Season 2015

What I was thinking about this time last year, and it hasn't changed much this year..... so I'm refreshing an older post as I felt slightly sentimental today... 
Gift Giving Now... and Then ( posted on:November 14, 2014)

I can hardly believe it's so near to December. It doesn't seem that long ago when I had a houseful of children who's gift list included items under $50: Cars, Trains and Trucks for the boys. Blocks, Baby Dolls and Faux make-up for the girls. Monopoly of course, for the adults in the house.

I began shopping in mid-September and hid honking cars, buzzing bees, musical pianos and other noisy critters in the top of the linen closet. No matter how gently I scolded them while searching for clean sheets, some errant Jet Rocket would blast off with a boom or red Fire Truck scream to be set free on the road.

Monopoly - The Classic EditionMore info

We had many an all-nighter with our 4 children, 3 neighbor kids, 1 cousin and hubby making profound financial decisions about trading a Railroad, adding hotels, or squabbling about Boardwalk or Park Place. I admit, I always ended with Charleston and went out first. I think it was fatigue, though, not my prowess with money.
No wonder my children aced Math in school. They'd been wheeling and dealing and bargaining since 4 years old.

Monopoly and Toys were both the gifts of my day (without spilling my age) but my grandchildren are a totally different story. My youngest, an 11 year old Grandson, wants a better cellphone with a front camera and more Google apps.

What? He's 11 for Pete's sake. And the older kids, well here's what they want and I can see my wallet shrinking as I finish this post. Hey, I have Amazon Prime-- shipping is free.
Oh Great...
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