Get Glam for St. Patrick's Day; Makeup, Costume and Accessories

Video Tutorial for applying St. Patrick's Day Makeup? 

Is a costume party in your future for St. Patrick's Day?  Are you worried about Hair, Makeup, and which shade of green to wear?

We are a "crafty blog" and we have your options covered. This is a sweet Video to show you how to create the perfect face, how to apply gorgeous make-up that makes YOU the stunner at that St. Patrick's Day Party. No garish, bold greens but a stunning look that is totally glam!

Then check out our St Patrick's Day Costumes and all the accessories you'll need to be Lucky on this St. Patrick's Day! 

Quilt Die Sets on Sale Limited Time Only 30% OFF

30 Percent Off Accuquilt Overstock Go! Train and other Quilt Dies!

 My Grandmother did not have the luxury of quilt dies or fabric cutters as she stitched quilts so her children were warm and snuggly as they slept on cold winter nights.
Go! Train

Back then, Granny created warm and snuggly quilts with scraps cut from flour sacks. Only the stunning quilts for all the grandchildren in her family were sewn from store bought fabric. 

And, since Granny had 8 children it was quite the undertaking to create quilts for 30+ grandchildren. If you're a quilter, you'll love these quilt dies, quilting is still as much fun and as rewarding as it was for our Grannies every where. 

If you're a Grandma or Nana now, you'll really love these quilt dies and the GO! Quilt Die Cutter.

Quilt Dies for children's quilts are the sweetest! and easiest way to create a quilt for that special child in your life.

This sale ends on February 28th, so check them out today!

The GO! Cutter makes quilting easy. And these are some of the sweetest dies for children's quilts ever. Florals, Trains, patterns for Girls and Boys alike! 

Keep Reading to see the Video of this sweet Fabric Cutter-- GO!

Etsy Adds A New Category Structure- Don't forget to Revise your Listings!

Etsy Adds a New Category Structure

Etsy recently changed their Category Structure. I know a few sellers are standing to Boo!

Yea! Thank You Etsy!!
I was pretty upset, myself. I had no time to re-do Etsy items right in the middle of tax season, But I dropped everything and headed to Etsy for a restructure of all my items.

I only have 200+ items, and  I realize many have listings numbering into the 1,000's and my sympathies go out to them.

My Pillows and Pillow Shams had already made a home in the correct category by default. No work there! Yea!!! Thank you Etsy!

That left me with 60+ Custom Decorated Hand Towels who were homeless and unseen till I found their proper niche in the new category structure.

Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved one

Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved One

Folks with Alzheimer's or Parkinsons and a few other medical conditions find themselves unable to quiet their fidgeting hands and fingers. I can remember several of my own elderly relatives who had the same issue during their later years. Their hands trembled and they could not stop the shaking.

Since the trembling can become so irritating to someone who has this problem, most family members search for anything that will allow their loved one some relief.

Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

If you're a regular reader, I bet you're thinking I should be reading my own posts. Right?

I've been complaining about my quest for an infinity cowl scarf for 3+ years.  One winter I was certain I'd get one crocheted. Nope, the flu and other wintery things zapped that plan.

Then my granddaughter made one with her finger-knitting technique. It was several feet long and beautifully knitted but she forgot how to complete the last row for a finished product.

Well, believe it or not! I finally made a pretty white one. And I'm going to show you how to make one too!--

A Sewing Basket for Everything!

A Sewing Basket for Everything and Everything in its Place 

Thrifty Ways to Organize

After Thanksgiving Dinner, my daughter posed the same question that always comes right after Turkey dinner.

 "Mom...what do you want for Christmas?"

With my mouth open to respond, she interrupts with, "No!" Her hand raised like a stop sign.

"You can't have another Sewing Basket! Mom. I think you already own every one ever made anyway. There must be something you want as much as another sewing basket this year."

When you reach middle-age (okay, slightly older) there isn't much you want that you haven't already bought for yourself. Course, I'm still itching to have that Lincoln Town Car, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll be buying that any time soon. Besides, my grandson promised that would be his first purchase when he becomes a millionaire.

I like Sewing Baskets. They are pretty and handy and they hold much more than spools of thread. All the Sewing Baskets in my home bring a smile to my cheeks.