Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved one

Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved One

Folks with Alzheimer's or Parkinsons and a few other medical conditions find themselves unable to quiet their fidgeting hands and fingers. I can remember several of my own elderly relatives who had the same issue during their later years. Their hands trembled and they could not stop the shaking.

Since the trembling can become so irritating to someone who has this problem, most family members search for anything that will allow their loved one some relief.


Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

If you're a regular reader, I bet you're thinking I should be reading my own posts. Right?

I've been complaining about my quest for an infinity cowl scarf for 3+ years.  One winter I was certain I'd get one crocheted. Nope, the flu and other wintery things zapped that plan.

Then my granddaughter made one with her finger-knitting technique. It was several feet long and beautifully knitted but she forgot how to complete the last row for a finished product.

Well, believe it or not! I finally made a pretty white one. And I'm going to show you how to make one too!--


A Sewing Basket for Everything!

A Sewing Basket for Everything and Everything in its Place 

Thrifty Ways to Organize

After Thanksgiving Dinner, my daughter posed the same question that always comes right after Turkey dinner.

 "Mom...what do you want for Christmas?"

With my mouth open to respond, she interrupts with, "No!" Her hand raised like a stop sign.

"You can't have another Sewing Basket! Mom. I think you already own every one ever made anyway. There must be something you want as much as another sewing basket this year."

When you reach middle-age (okay, slightly older) there isn't much you want that you haven't already bought for yourself. Course, I'm still itching to have that Lincoln Town Car, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll be buying that any time soon. Besides, my grandson promised that would be his first purchase when he becomes a millionaire.

I like Sewing Baskets. They are pretty and handy and they hold much more than spools of thread. All the Sewing Baskets in my home bring a smile to my cheeks.


Super Easy Video to Make your Very Own Sock Monkey for the Holidays

I've been an Ebay seller for 13 years, Ecrater seller for 10, and Etsy seller for 5 years. In all that time of selling on-line and receiving requests for custom orders, the most often requested item is the Sock Monkey. Now, why don't I make them for the folks, you may ask?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have never made a Sock Monkey because I don't know how. Since I've been sewing for more than 5 decades most folks assume that I know how to make them. Nope! Never learned.

Christmas Gifts Now and Then

I can hardly believe it's the middle of November. It doesn't seem that long ago when I had a houseful of children who's gift list included items under $50: Cars, Trains and Trucks for the boys. Blocks, Baby Dolls and Faux make-up for the girls. Monopoly of course, for the adults in the house.

I began shopping in mid-September and hid honking cars, buzzing bees, musical pianos and other noisy critters in the top of the linen closet. No matter how gently I scolded them while searching for clean sheets, some errant Jet Rocket would blast off with a boom or red Fire Truck scream to be set free on the road.


Make Your Own Door Wreath for every Season

Holiday Door Wreath
Make Your Own Versatile Door Wreath 

Determined to find an "easy to make" Door Wreath for the holiday season, I began my search for a good video.

I wanted one that is easy-to-make since I don't have a lot of time this year for crafting but still want that "homey" touch.

My goodness, I think I've watched about 100 videos for door wreaths for a similar number of occasions; Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, Graduation, New Baby and New Years.

I loved the variety! I've looked at door wreaths made from crinkled coffee filters to toilet tissue tubes stuffed with feather boas. (I should add) They were all gorgeous!

But not quite what I wanted. 

I want a simple door wreath that can change with the season with little effort from me. -- You know what I mean?.......