Ralph Lauren's New Fall Collections -- Take a peek!

Fenton Paisley
Ralph Lauren's Fall Collections!

This fall Ralph Lauren has some stunning fabrics for his Bedding Collections.

Since I purchase fabric as remnants from his collections; pretty bedding fabrics for him mean gorgeous Shams Fabrics for my business.

You can find my small pillow shams at Etsy, Ebay or Ecrater. The largest collection being at Etsy. My Hand Towels and Towel Sets are also at my shop on Etsy.


Save Money! How to Make Your Very Own Microwave Potato Bag

Microwave Potato Bag
I love Yams! I love them with honey and brown sugar melted to a glaze topped with crunchy browned marshmallows. I love them straight out of the can, salted cold yams with nothing but a fork. Yummy.

I know. I think I have some kind of potato impairment, but I do love some yams.


Ebay Made Me do it-- Selling Shams on Facebook

Ralph Lauren Fabric
I remember back 8-10 years ago, Ebay complained about the size of our photos.

"We were hogging all their bandwidth," they said as they  demanded smaller photos or they would end our listings.

There were weeks and weeks of a mad rush

Adorable Patterns for Infant and Toddler Booties, Toys, Beanies and more

Cool Baby Bootie Patterns
More years ago than I care to remember, I crocheted my newborn babies a set of fresh booties to come home from the hospital.

I'm talking pink/blue booties that looked simply...like a bootie.

These booties, the patterns available from: Meinuxing's Store on Etsy look like goldfish or bumble bees or ladybugs, etc.


Selling our Crafty Creations - Or...where's the Green?

Online Selling
Over the years I've posted pretty, cute, stunning, colorful and just plain adorable crafty creations from online sellers.

Lately, I've seen more and more crafty sellers offering their wares on Facebook and other


I want some Summer! The hot weather, smelly flowers kind of summer--

It seems like I've been thinking about spring since March. Even April was a chilly month for us. I'm in the desert Southwest and we've usually seen 100 degrees by now. This has been a slow warm-up and we only turned the "swamp box" (uh...water cooler) on high this week.