Are you making your very own Halloween Costumes this year?

Are you making your own Halloween Costumes this year?

Costume Works

Costume Works has some of the cutest costumes I've seen. And each one adds the note of coolness because it was hand made by "Mommy," "Nana," or some other crafty lady in the family.

Okay guys (as in male)---don't send me a barrage of emails. I know there are a few of you out there who can sew. Send me "pics of proof" and I'll post them.

A few things you might need if you choose a pattern from Costume Works, are sewing and crafting goods.

Otherwise, there are some fabulous Costumes ready to buy.


How To Make Halloween Crafts from Pretzels (video)

I love Pretzels and, I love any snack that involves Pretzels. I mean, there isn't a salty snack around that's as delish as Chex-Mix! and talk about "sweet and salty!"

White Chocolate covered Pretzels, oh my, I use to take my kids to the mall when they were little so I could sit on a concrete bench and eat chocolate covered Pretzels.

Did I tell you, Sweet and Salty is my all time favorite... Uh oh, there for a minute I forgot the topic of this article.

We're making Halloween Decorations!

Make an Easy Circle Skirt in Minutes- (Video)

This is such an easy way to make a Circle Skirt. I previously listed a pattern for a circle skirt and it's one of the all-time favorite posts on Sweet Sewing Patterns. Now, I think this pattern is even easier than the other one.

The Video is super easy to follow, but I did notice that I understood it better after the second viewing. (Did I just say "I'm slow?") I was trying to remember and write at the same time... I think, and that threw my concentration off. You know, the old saying about 'walking and chewing gum at the same time.' Okay, I'm done with that.

So with the main points noted on paper, I watched the video a second time and it is super Easy and Fun and creates a nice Circle Skirt.

A few tips from Sweet Sewing Patterns include:

  • Make notes on the first viewing then watch the video again
  • Use a stretchy / knit fabric for this pattern
  • When drawing your pattern to save, I suggest Pellon (non fusible)
  • Pellon makes for a durable pattern that will last through many uses


SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 7258 Stylist - 100 stitch Computerized

If you need your very first sewing machine or you've been a seamstress for years and are replacing or purchasing a second machine, this is the time.

This machine is reduced to half it's regular price! For a limited time only, you can Save $118.00 on this sewing machine. It's in stock now, but won't last long at these prices.


I Think I'll Begin my Cowl Collar now, I Might Finish it by Fall


I'm sure some of you remember all my ranting from last year about those cowl collar scarves.

I wanted one of those so badly, but couldn't find one I liked and no time to sit down and crochet one.

Most of the pretty ones I'd seen were crafted from light-weight yarn.

So my granddaughter began one for me as a circular finger knit project. It was actually quite gorgeous, but when she reached the length I'd requested, we had a problem.

Are you a Beginner with a brand new Sewing Machine?

Are you a Beginner?

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